Hi... well, hello. I am not sure how to edit on this Wikii (for eg. colors) that's why this blog can be a mess (just like my room <__<). Please forgive my mistakes and enjoy the gallery. If I'll have little time on my hand I'll try to upload at least one new picture once every week! If I'll get enough time it will be one picture everyday!! ^.^'

I accept requests! =P

Some characters (like Kise) will look more feminine here or there. It's because majority of these cosplays were made by girls. God knows how I wish for men to take part in this kind of stuff more often -.-

All descriptions were made by a girl. You've been warned! ^____~

If you happen to bump on some nice cosplay photos fitting to this humble gallery please leave a link in the comments below! Not all creations have to be a spitting image of presented KnB's character(s) - the atmosphere and originality of the photo counts as well!!

Pictures originate mainly from polish (eg. NyaNyan), japanese (eg. NND), english (eg. tumblr) (and many other, eg. Google) sites. If you made one of these pictures or you were captured on one of them and want it to be removed please notify me! All pictures belong to their respectful owners!

Seirin High

Kaijō High

Shūtoku High

Tōō Academy

Yōsen High

Rakuzan High


Last update: February 6th, 2013

More to come tomorrow!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm officialy ill. It's probably a nasty case of flu. I am allergic to most medications that's why it will take a lot of time for me to make another update (I mean, my head aches so I cannot spend much time in front of the screen). That's why please forgive me latest and further delays. I hope you can enjoy new images.

Today only group photos update! Sorry! >o<

- Paulina.

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