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So chapter 194, In Order To Win. Title sounds familiar, probably because you remember the title of volume 3, yes, titled In Order to Win. Also the same title of chapter 23... Yeah...

Kobori dunks with a foul


Anyways, onto the chapter. It starts with Riko giving her speech but Hyūga interrupts her, saying this is the first time they'll be going up against Kaijō. Back to the actual match, Hayakawa shows off his awesome rebounding skillz, with Kagami and Izuki giving comments on how incredibly tough and awesome Hayakawa and Nakamura are. Meanwhile, Kobori has his first moment when he's actually impressive, doing a powerful two-handed dunk against Kiyoshi. The game gets a little realistic when Kiyoshi makes a defensive foul. And then, Kobori gets some more screentime. Geez, what is it with all these minor character getting more love than the main ones >_>. Anyway, he tells Kiyoshi that Kiyoshi is the better player but that Kobori won't lose. Let's think that over. So Kiyoshi > Kobori, but Kiyoshi ≯ Kobori?? Kobori-san, you're not making any sense...

Buuuuuuuuut he explains that he will win because his/theirs urge to win is larger than Seirin's. Okay, that kinda makes sense. Kiyoshi just stands there and can't think of a comeback. LAME.

Kiyoshi and Hyuga being tsundere

Dem faces.

Hyūga obviously agrees with me and annoys Kiyoshi by yelling at him and continously calling him Iron Heart and Uncrowned General. Kiyoshi eventually lashes out towards Hyūga. Wait what?! That's so out-of-character for Kiyoshi >_>. Even though it seems he and Hyūga are just like that, it's still weird to see Kiyoshi with that face ---->. Some unimportant scenes come along, Kiyoshi rediscovering his spirit, Hyūga actually doing some defense and blocking Moriyama's ugly ass. And finally, Hyūga and Kiyoshi reluctantly work together, a screen for Hyūga to run himself free and the a successful roll-off by Kiyoshi. It's nice to actually see some realistic and classic basketball.

"I suppose it was a nice pass." "I supposed it was a nice screen." HOW TSUNDERE CAN YOU GET?! Last page, Kagami demands some action and does a thrilling alley-oop. Good job Kagami, have a cookie.

That's all for now folks, look forward to the next chapter!! Oh right, almost forgot, the stats.

Dem stats
Story 8.5/10
Art 9/10
Action 8/10
Overall 8.5/10
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