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Back already! A super fast release by Akashi Scans, me gusta. I don't really feel like reviewing, but I guess IT'S MY DUTY *^*
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Akashi watches


The chapter starts of with the screams and wetting of the panties of many Kuroko no Basuke fangirls. Yes, you guessed it, Akashi makes his entrance yet again. It's also like Rakuzan always needs an introduction, if it's not from the announcers, then it's from the crowd. "The strongest high school" MY ASS!! Seirin rules.

Oh right, there's a match going on. Kagami does a powerful drive through his double team and passes it inside to Kiyoshi, impressing both Mibuchi and Nebuya. Hayama has seen the light and calls Seirin a "super strong team". Big up for Hayama. Blah blah, Akashi is scary again, blah blah, it all comes down to wether or not Seirin gets a 15 point gap or not. If they do, then it's decided. They then had a 10 point difference, but Kaijō takes two back by an awesome dunk by Kobori. Seriously, Kobori is beginning to look pretty fricking great. No appearance in Seirin vs Kaijō practice match, pretty much the same for Kaijō vs Tōō, but now he's dunking and blocking all over the place *O*.

Kuroko and Kise WC

Shit's about to go down

Back to a benched Kise, who's bitter about not playing and has yet another flashback, about how no one at Kaijō blamed him about their defeat in the Interhigh. Kasamatsu gives him some courage by telling him he is Kaijō's true ace and that taking defeat is the captain's responsibility. Kasamatsu-senpai is best senpai. Little NBA-action on the court, with YET ANOTHER dunk, an alley-oop from Izuki to Kagami. And that makes it 15 points. Is it Seirin's certain victory? Seems so, but Kise is determined to enter the field with 5 minutes to go, and so is Kuroko. Kuroko spouts some random statements and makes one scary one: "There's nothing more terrifying than a member of the "Generation of Miracles" when he's cornered..." Damn Kuroko, you scary.

Panties are wet again, Aomine enters the gym. Boxers get wet as well, as he is accompanied by Momoi. They're like celebrities. ANYWAY, Aomine states that they're just in time for the climax... Looking forward to the next couple of chapters...

And that's it for this chapter. I enjoyed the story bit, insatisfaction about the amount of basketball action, just kinda laid off by some random baskets. Still some nice moments and as always, nice art :3

Dem stats
Story 9.5/10
Art 8.5/10
Action 7/10
Overall 8.5/10
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