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What the fuck did I just read... Entire chapter in color? MANGA FANBOY DROOL ALL OVER!!
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Kise as he re-enters the field


Words cannot describe how amazing this chapter was. The coloring wasn't the only thing impressive about this chapter, also the flashy basketball scenes, the plot that develops (waddaya mean, more than 2 minutes?!) and that SUSPENSE. Fujimaki really knows to get a manga fan's heart beating. (No, not because of the "sexy boys"...) But like I said, I can't really describe how freaking awesome this chapter was, so I'll end it early this time. I think you all know to words need to be spilled to rate this chapter.

Oh yeah and Weekly Shōnen Jump will have a two week hiatus because of the holidays, Kurobas will be back January 18th!! Seeya then! And Happy New Year!

Dem stats
Story 9.5/10
Art 11/10
Action 10/10
Overall 10/10
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