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After a long wait, WSJ is finally back...
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Kuroko saves the ball

A wild Kuroko appears!

Looking back at the previous chapter, it's gonna be hard to top that. Not that I really expect it, but hey. So it starts off with a nice cover page of Hyūga, a character that gets way to few love. On the bench, Kuroko comes up with yet another strategy to defeat their opponent. Plans like that seem to always come from him, I wonder why. Especially since they got some players that are strategically better than him, Izuki, Riko and Kiyoshi, to name the best. But you can't escape the power of the main character. :D Anyways, as expected, nothing really happens on Kaijō's side. Hyūga sends his team back on the court with some nice words, he's really turning into one fine captain.
Kise Cyclone Pass

Kise spins my head right round, right round

Blah blah, match recommences, Kise uses Akashi's "triple-threat-steal", if we're gonna call it that, but Kuroko saves the day and quickly handles that loose ball, something I really didn't see coming, so props to that. Okay okay, Hyūga gets the ball, but misses cause Moriyama blocks it partially. Kinda ironic since he just said that they shouldn't miss any shots... And now he misses one himself... Oh well. And BAM, Kuroko guards Kise again, something we already saw during their first match and I kinda thought he and Kagami were gonna try the same thing but NO, Izuki joins the fray with his new Eagle Spear skill. It's really overcrowded in there :P But hey, Kise does some fancy spin and throws a pass to Kasamatsu. (I first thought it was an original move, but then they say it's Kuroko's Cyclone Pass... Meh, whatever.) Dayum, that's gotta be the assist of the evening!! Or not, since he doesn't go up, but passes the ball instead to mother-fucking KISE, who has some insane speed and is already jumping for the alley-oop... Kagami tries to TAKE him from the back (if you know what I mean), but Kise is faster and stronger and dunks it FEROCIOUSLY. Kagami looked like he was about to foul though :/ Well it's not like basketball is realistic anyways :D

Some upsetting words from Akashi and Himuro at the end, saying how Kaijō will "devour" Seirin... Kaijō is iron... Like a lion... In Zion... Only 9 points with 2:45 to go, Seirin's gotta be careful if they still wanna win. The current Kise can take this game.

Alrighty, that's it. Overall a good chapter, even though they only made one point in this chapter, the match definitely has taken a new step forward, which is good. Time for da stats.

Dem stats
Story 8/10
Art 8/10
Action 9/10
Overall 8.5/10
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