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This blog is late... That's only because I had to wait for AkashiScans' release of the chapter cause Mangapanda's version is crap... (Okay fine, I read Mangapanda's after like, three days (_ _ ))
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Kise Phantom Shot

Silly Kise

Let's dive right in! (See what I did there? ;)) Fatigue is starting to affect Izuki and his sloppy pass leads to Moriyama stealing it. Kise receives it on the other side of the court and Kagami rushes towards him, only being greeted by Kise's Phantom Shot... Gotta say, this stance is really awkward. I mean, look at him, it's so weird. Kuroko could hardly pull it off, Kise just looks strange >_>. Oh well, he makes the shot, without the Misdirection, but adding Midorima's high arc shot? He's combining everything nowadays, his godmodding is getting kinda riduclous =_=. I love you and all, but you're WAY too overpowered, Kise xD. In Kiyoshi's words, "You're insane!!"

Pressure on Seirin

Seirin cracks?

The crowd then starts cheering for Kaijō and Seirin is visibly affected by it mentally. "We're the bad guys..." sums it up really. That part of the chapter was really refreshing, I haven't seen Kurobas handling an aspect of basketball like that. I know from experience, it's tough playing while the crowd is rooting for the opponent. Everything explained clearly by Himuro, who's getting way more screentime (paneltime?) then I expected :P. Hyūga then takes a three-point shot and
*cough* Poor him. Dunno what happens then, somehow Kiyoshi and Kobori fumble and Kuroko saves it. Anywhore, Riko calls for a time-out and some psychological mumbo-jumbo follows.

Meanwhile, Kiyoshi fumbles the ball again and Hayakawa takes it and Kise goes for a fast break. Kagami keeps up, but his defense is all over the place. Kise drives past him and goes the dunk (WHY NOT LAY-UP, DAMN MONKEY?!). Desperate Kagami makes a defensive foul, trying to stop Kise. Understandable... Nothing bad to be said about that .—. Afterwards, Kagami spouts some nonsense about a "show" and "script"... Watcha talking 'bout, Kagami?! My feelings are perfectly understood by the Seirin players, as they laugh at Kagami in his face and make fun of the line. Giggle But SOMEHOW, they can find courage in that and Hyūga uses Kiyoshi's signature line, "Let's have fun~". Kuroko also seems to have found a way to stop the Perfect Copy...

Pretty nice chapter there. Seirin gets some mental pressure but seems to have gotten past it already in a few pages... :/ But hey, that's how things go in Kuroko no Basuke, problem -> solution in a few moments. But still, seeing how the audience plays a roll in this chapter was innovative. Looking forward to seeing Kise godmodding so more... Or not, srsly, how?!?!

Dem stats
Story 9/10
Art 8/10
Action 8/10
Overall 8.5/10
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