There may be some people confused why there are 119 (as of this moment) chapters on Mangareader or MangaFox and why it says on the wiki that there are 148 chapters. I'm just explaining this too people who aren't knowledgable in this, so the majority in people understand it already, but yeah.

So the manga is being published in Japan, and back there, the weekly magazine is at chapter 148. Like other manga's, Kuroko no Basuke is being scanlated by a scanlation group. This means that when the chapter comes out in Japan, they scan it, translate it, clean it up, edit it and publish it on manga reader online sites, like Mangareader. With the popular series, like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, the chapters come in a couple of days after the release in Japan, but why Kuroko is so many chapters behind, I don't know. Maybe they started it like a year after the debut, or maybe a scanlation group quit it in the middle of the series and another group picked it up a lot later, I have no idea. So that's why the scanlations are as of this moment at chapter 119 out of 148.

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