Chapter 114
Hey guys. I examined the Winter Cup scheme (here) the other day, and I tried placing the major teams on the schedule. I found out that Seirin, Tōō, Kaijō and Yōsen are on the left side, while Rakuzan and Shūtoku are on the right side.

Looking at the formation of the tournament, we can conclude that:

1st round: Seirin vs Tōō
2nd round: Seirin vs Nakamiya South
3rd round: Seirin vs Kogōmo North
Quarter-finals:Seirin vs Yōsen
Semi-finals: Seirin/Yōsen vs Kaijō
Semi-finals: Shūtoku vs Rakuzan
Finals: Seirin/Kaijō/Yōsen vs Shūtoku/Rakuzan

Of course, this is in the assumption that Kaijō, Shūtoku and Rakuzan will win their previous rounds, but they probably will, right? So wadda ya think, who will win the Winter Cup?

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