We are VERY excited for Kuroko no Basuke's 2nd season which is coming out soon, and decided to help out people new to the franchise! KnB is a great series with a lot of different characters, so it's hard to jump into right from the start. With Bereisgreat's help we created a KnB team roster to direct people to the main characters and to showcase the teams in this basketball manga/anime!

Check it out below and share in the comments important facts that you think KnB newbies should know! While you're at it, let us know which character or characters are YOUR favorites!

AnimeSeirin HighTaiga KagamiTeppei KiyoshiTetsuya KurokoRiko AidaJunpei HyūgaShun IzukiKaijō HighMitsuhiro HayakawaYukio KasamatsuRyōta KiseYoshitaka MoriyamaShūtoku HighKazunari TakaoShinsuke KimuraShintarō MidorimaTaisuke ŌtsuboKiyoshi MiyajiTōō AcademyRyō SakuraiShoichi ImayoshiDaiki AomineKōsuke WakamatsuYōsen HighKenichi OkamuraKenichi OkamuraTatsuya HimuroAtsushi MurasakibaraKensuke FukuiRakuzan HighEikichi NebuyaReo MibuchiSeijūrō AkashiKotarō HayamaGeneration of MiraclesKurokoNoBasuke TeamRoster
Are you excited for season 2 to start up again?

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