We'll Commence The Winter Cup
Chapter 112
Chapter 112, Volume 13
Title We'll Commence The Winter Cup
Uintaa Kappu wo Saikaishimasu
Anime episode Episode 38
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We'll Commence The Winter Cup is the one hundredth and twelfth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Riko tells everyone that Kagami has gone to America to train with his master-the one who taught him how to play basketball. When he comes back, she believes he will definitely be stronger.

Riko then talks to her father; Kagetora tells her that the second years have all managed to find answers on their own. However, in Kuroko’s case, he gives up—he has never seen a player like him before. Nevertheless, he did offer him some advice. At some point, he told Kuroko that he is likely to hit a wall—nonetheless, he will have to overcome it on his own.

Kagami trains with his some boys in America through street ball. During Kaijo’s practice, the team sees how “pumped” Kise is. Midorima is also heavily training during Shutoku’s practice sessions. At Yosen High, Murasakibara blocks a shot and then says he’s done for the day. Tatsuya Himuro lightly comments that Murasakibara is a strange one—he trains harder than anyone else, but he complains the entire time. Murasakibara replies that he hates practice, but he hates losing even more. After a hard practice at Rakuzan High, Reo Mibuchi tosses Akashi a towel. Akashi thanks him and leaves. As Akashi walks away, one of the players asks why Akashi trains so hard. Mibuchi responds that Akashi doesn’t do it to seek victory—winning is the same as breathing. On an outdoor court at night, Aomine determinedly spins a basketball on his finger and then easily tosses it through the hoop. The next day, Kuroko heads out with Seirin as the Winter Cup’s opening ceremony commences.

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