We'll Dive Right In!
Chapter 111
Chapter 111, Volume 13
Title We'll Dive Right In!
Kono Mama Hajimeru wayo
Anime episode Episode 37
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We'll Commence The Winter Cup

We'll Dive Right In! is the one hundredth and eleventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the morning, Seirin is rejuvenated after their visit to the hot springs. Standing outside in a group, Izuki can’t believe that Hyuuga is still holding onto the matchup sheet. Hyuuga energetically tells everyone to head back to the gym so they can start practice. Kuroko (who has crazy bed hair, shocking Hyuuga) points out that Kagami is missing. Riko suddenly arrives at tells that they’ll be practicing without Kagami for a while. Nonetheless, their training camp begins right now with her father, Kagetora.

As they change into their gym clothes, Izuki comments that he thought something fishy was going on when she told them to bring a change of clothes. After Kagetora meets them, and they engage in light conversation, he also makes them take off their shirts. He then tells them to go and play cops and robbers in the mountains for three hours. While they are playing, Riko talks to her father. He explains that through Fartlek exercises, the boys’ stiff muscles will get a good workout.

Afterwards, he talks to Seirin; he’s analyzed that, after watching their Too’s video, Too’s teamwork is actually better than theirs. This shocks Seirin. He explains that just being friendly isn’t teamwork; in basketball, everyone needs to always to be aiming for the basket. As he continues, he tells Hyuuga that it was a mistake for him to try and dribble past one of Tōō Academy’s players in his last game. He also should have made his shots against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. He has to realize that he is Seirin’s lifeline; his threes are a real weapon. When Hyuuga explains that he tried to dribble because he couldn’t shoot, Kagetora tells him he’ll teach Hyuuga how to shoot without a screen. Kagetora tells Izuki to pass him the ball. The first years can’t believe that he’s going to play. Kiyoshi states that Kagetora was on Japan’s national basketball team. Seeing his technique amazes Hyuuga. Kagetora tells Hyuuga that he did not use speed—this is a skill that Hyuuga can even learn to do. He finally declares that he’ll help all of them discover and develop their own weapons in a month’s time. They will be ready by the time the Winter Cup begins—teamwork will really shine when individual strengths have gathered.

Finally, Kagami returns to America to train with his master.

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