We're Finally Here
Chapter 84
Chapter 84, Volume 10
Title We're Finally Here
Yatto Darou ga
Anime episode Episode 29
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We're Finally Here is the eighty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Four schools-Senshinkan, Shutoku, Kirisaki Dai Ichi, and Seirin-advance to the championship league. After Shutoku crushes Suginara, Takao notices Midorima’s aura is stronger and more intense than usual.

Later on, as Seirin is walking together, Furihata comments that the preliminaries went by rather quickly. Riko explains that the qualifications for the Winter Cup actually began during the Interhigh. After this discussion, Kuroko asks Kagami to come with him. At the park’s basketball court, Kuroko tells Kagami he has done all he can to develop his technique on his own. Now he needs Kagami to perfect it.

When Kagami takes a defensive stance, Kuroko uses his technique. When Kagami sees it, he realizes that once it’s complete, it really will be an unstoppable drive. However, although Kuroko gets past hi, the ball does not get through, annoying Kagami. He tells Kuroko he hasn’t “almost perfected” it at all. Suddenly he notices the ball’s smoothness which only results through intense outdoor court usage. As Kagami tosses it to Kuroko, Kuroko comments that he needs a new ball; this one is his sixth since this summer, shocking Kagami.

The next day, Aomine climbs the ladder to his usual sleeping spot on the roof. However, Satsuki blocks his way, telling him they have to go and see the championship league today. Seirin is up against the King of the West-Senshinkan- and Shutoku is playing against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Aomine gets past her and tells her the title of “King” is meaningless—Seirin will win based on their performance. He adds that it might be interesting to see Midorima and Kuroko’s game. He is about to mention the importance of an upcoming match, but he doesn’t finish his sentence.

Seirin easily defeats Senshinkan (78-61); they comment that Seirin is completely different from this summer. Simultaneously, Takao hears the crowd and acknowledges Seirin’s victory. He thinks they are done here as well; for some reason, Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s key players did not play in the game. In the crowd, a young boy in Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s uniform comments that they’ve lost to Shutoku, but their other two games are guaranteed victories.

After Shutoku’s win, (123-51) Midorima immediately tells Takao to come along with him. He adds that it was a completely disgusting game since Kirisaki Dai Ichi did not do everything they could. Looking at the boy in the stands, he recognizes him as Hanamiya Makoto, an Uncrowned King just like Kiyoshi. Midorima thinks he really is unpleasant; he felt the same way about him when he played him before.

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