We're the Seirin High Basketball Team
Chapter 97 scan
Chapter 97, Volume 11
Title We're the Seirin High Basketball Team!!
Seirin Koukou Basuke-bu da!!
Anime episode Episode 33
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We're the Seirin High Basketball Team!! (chapter) is the ninety-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kiyoshi tells Hyuuga he’s glad he now knows how Hyuuga feel—he won’t bother him anymore. The next day, Kiyoshi, Mitobe, Koganei, and Izuki swear an oath in front of the whole school on the school’s rooftop—they are the Seirin basketball team, and they vow to be No. 1 in the country.

Hyuuga joins them as well. He has cut his hair and dyed it black again. He tells Kiyoshi that a genius like him and an ordinary player like himself are not the same. He adds he hates him; that’s why he doesn’t want to lose to him in the game that he loves. He announces his own name too. Their principal suddenly shows up. He asks them what they are doing, and this is no way for them to behave, making such rash claims. Hyuuga yells back that he shouldn’t underestimate them; if he can’t become No. 1, he’ll confess his feelings in front of everyone nude. In the crowd of students below, Riko suddenly bursts out laughing and decides to join them.

Riko develops a killer practice menu for them. Kiyoshi also appoints Hyuuga as captain since he possesses leadership qualities. Tsuchida joins the team too. As the weeks progress, they then take a group photo together.

The first game of the Interhigh they win 71-52. The losing team states they won’t forget them-Shorin High. Hyuuga corrects him, saying they are the Seirin High Basketball Team.

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