We're the Seirin High School Basketball Team!
Episode 33
Episode 33
Title We're the Seirin High School Basketball Team!
Seirin Koukou Basuke-bu da!
Air date November 23, 2013
Manga chapters Chapter 97, 98 and 99
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We're the Seirin High School Basketball Team! (誠凜高校バスケ部だ!, Seirin Koukou Basuke-bu da!) is the thirty-third episode and the eighth episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Seirin 1 year ago

The formation of Seirin

Kiyoshi leaves and Hyūga reflects on his true feelings towards basketball. The next morning, the newly former basketball team went up the rooftop before the morning assembly, showing their courage and swearing an oath. Hyūga then comes up with a new appearance, which is his current, and showing that he is willing to join the team. Riko also agrees to coach the team. Kiyoshi trusts Hyūga to be captain of the team, even though the Kiyoshi initiated to form the team. In the first matches Seirin played, they defeated Kyoritsu High with the score of 71-52, when Kiyoshi's dunk scored and when Hyūga's 3 point miss leads to defeat another team, Torimura High, with the score of 91-90.

Kuroko in Teiko passes Seirin

Teikō passes Seirin

The day of the preliminaries finals, Seirin sees the Teikō team, where Kuroko also walks past them. Seirin then takes on Kirisaki Daīchi High, with Makoto Hanamiya, a Uncrowned King like Kiyoshi. Seirin takes control of the game at first, with Hyūga's consecutive 3 pointers and Kiyoshi's playmaking, but Kiyoshi's legs are acting up. Leading to the score of 81-71, with less than 4 minutes to play, Hanamiya enters, and then when Kiyoshi grabs a rebound, Hanamiya orders his teammate to push his left leg down, leading to a sprained leg for Kiyoshi. Hyūga knows it was Hanamiya's doing, but the latter denied, with no real evidence to prove it. Seirin still took the win, though without Kiyoshi, things just get harder for the team as they lost the subsequent matches and got eliminated from the Nationals.

Kiyoshi tells Hyuga he will return

Kiyoshi tells Hyūga he will return

Kiyoshi said he will return next year, when he can play together again and do a second attempt to get Seirin to be the best in Japan. However, that year would be his last as there will be serious consequences to his legs if he continues on and on after his 2nd year. The current Seirin team, now with Kuroko and Kagami, will take on Kirisaki Daīchi next.

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