We Get to See Something Amazing
Chapter 16
Chapter 16, Your Basketball
Title We Get to See Something Amazing
Sugoi Mon Mireru wayo
Release date April 6, 2009
Anime episode Episode 7
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We Get to See Something Amazing is the sixteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko and Kagami fights with meijo again

Kuroko and Kagami meet the guys at the street again

After Seirin manages to win their first round against Shinkyō, they continue to win against the other teams of the Interhigh. They arrive at a huge basketball gym to watch the Three Kings of Tokyo play a match. One of their members is Midorima, one of the Generation of Miracles, who now plays at Shūtoku. It is revealed that Seirin got crushed by the Three Kings of Tokyo last year's Interhigh last year.

Meijō arrives at the gym, expecting Seirin to be weak beginners until they see Kagami and Kuroko. Then they remember that they are the ones whom they fought at the streetball tournament. As expected, Seirin defeats Meijō easily.

Midorima and kuroko

Midorima and Kuroko talk during matches

Shūtoku's team arrives, and Kagami gives Midorima a small greeting-- he writes his name on Midorima's hand to make sure he will definitely not forget his name. Takao approaches Kagami and tells how Seirin got crushed last year by the Three Kings of Tokyo. Kuroko approaches Midorima for dropping his lucky item, and they have a very small talk about their incoming match. Takao suddenly pops-up to Kuroko, saying Midorima focuses on Kuroko; this statement annoys Midorima. Someone on the Shūtoku team interrupts the talk, saying they have to leave for their upcoming match. Midorima introduces his skill-- shoots that will never miss.

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