We Killed It
Chapter 24
Chapter 24, Volume 3
Title We Killed It
Oshaka ni Shitande
Release date June 1, 2009
Anime episode Episode 10
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We Killed It is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko tells Tsugawa that he asked to play; if the senpais have their will, then the kouhais have their respect. He will defeat him to support them. When the game restarts, Seiho is unable to figure out Kuroko’s passing style. Watching from the bench, Kagami is even more impressed by how amazing Kuroko is. Riko tells him he’s always like this. As Seirin is able to keep up with Seiho, they realize that they have been completely studied. Hyuuga tells Iwamura that their DVD player died for them; they spent hours viewing their moves and figuring out their patterns. It was harder than they expected to keep up with them; that’s why they had to wait until now to match them. They quickly close the gap between their points. Nevertheless, Seiho insists they won’t lose. They switch to full court man-to-man defense, intensely focused in the last seconds. However, Mitobe blocks Kasuga and lets Izuki pass. He passes to Kuroko, who passes it to Hyuuga, and he scores. Seirin wins 73-71.

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  • Izuki: Nice. Mitorechau Mitobe. (Nice. I’m impressed/I’m charmed Mitobe.)