What's 'Victory'?
Chapter 32
Chapter 32, Volume 4
Title What's 'Victory'?
"Shouri" tte Nandesuka?
「勝利」ってなんですか ?
Release date July 20, 2009
Anime episode Episode 12
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I've Gotta Win!

What's 'Victory'? is the thirty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone comments that Kagami’s jumps defy common sense. Miyagi is angry that everyone is feeling that only Midorima can score and prepares to shoot himself. Suddenly, Takao yells at him to stop, but it’s too late—Kagami blocks him as well. When Kimura faces Kagami, he is also defeated and wonders how long he can stay in the air. However, Nakatani is not that worried, and he feels that they will continue like this. He states that Kagami’s time is almost up.

Finally, Midorima faces Kagami once more. He acknowledges his strength, but he states that Kagami won’t be able to stop him anymore. As he shoots, Kagami tries to jump, but he is unable to. Kasamatsu tells Kise that everyone on the Seirin team is tired, especially because they were exhausted earlier by Seiho’s defense. Tsugawa is annoyed that Kagami is letting that stop him now. Angered by his weakness, Kagami attacks aggressively in the next play. Although Hyuuga tells him to wait, he doesn’t. Midorima blocks his shot and Shutoku easily counters and scores. At the end of the third quarter, Kuroko has been watching everything.

On Seirin’s bench, Hyuuga tells Kagami he should have passed instead of going ahead alone. Kagami retorts that he’s the only one who could have scored—what could have been done by passing. Everyone is shocked by his selfishness. Kuroko suddenly punches Kagami. When Kagami angrily grabs his front shirt, Kuroko tells him he can’t play basketball by himself. Kagami yells that teamwork isn’t enough to win. Kuroko answers that there is no point if he wins alone. Kagami yells back that he’s naïve about winning like that and punches him. Kuroko then asks him what victory is. He states that Kagami wants to defeat the Generation of Miracles, but he’s thinking just like them. It’s only better if they win as a team. Kagami still doesn’t admit that Kuroko is right. Kuroko finally points out then if they don’t win trusting each other, then no one will be happy. A victory like that is worthless. Kagami softly apologizes, agreeing with Kuroko that he does want to win happily as a team rather than by himself. Once he’s calmed down, they discuss their next game plan. Kuroko gets ready, stating all he can do is pass; however, he can take it up a level.

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