What's 'Victory'
Episode 12
Episode 12
Title What's 'Victory'
"Shouri" tte nan desu ka
Air date June 23, 2012
Manga chapters Chapter 30, 31 and 32
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What's 'Victory'? (『勝利』ってなんですか, "Shouri" tte nan desk ka) is the twelfth episode of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


The second quarter ends with Shutoku still in the lead, 27:45. Kuroko watches a tape of Takao during the first half. The third quarter starts with Kuroko on the bench, and Kagami manages to barely tap one of Midorima's shots. The next time, He manages to pass Takao's screen, and touch the ball again as Midorima goes for a long shot. The shot misses, but Shutoku's Otsubo Taisuke dunks the rebound. Kagami blocks Midorima's next shot, and makes several goals, using his astounding jumping power. However, he overexerts himself and is unable to jump any longer, but he is determined to win without relying on Kuroko. 3rd quarter ends 47-61, and Kuroko punches Kagami for saying they don't need team play right now, and Kagami calms down. Kuroko tells the team he has a plan. 

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