What's Gonna Happen
Chapter 69
Chapter 69, Volume 8
Title What's Gonna Happen
Dōnarunsuka ne
Anime episode Episode 24
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What's Gonna Happen is the sixty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise succeeds in partially copying Aomine’s style, shocking everyone. Using Aomine’s move, he even breaks past Imayoshi. Imayoshi can’t believe what just happened, and he fouls Kise. Wakamatsu congratulates Imayoshi on stopping Kise. He interrupts him and asks if he recalls the day Aomine joined their team. He had a goose bumps feeling when he thought of playing against Aomine. Imayoshi goes on to say this is bad—he’s got the same feeling again.

Kise realizes he needs to move faster. In the next play, he uses another one of Aomine’s techniques against Wakamatsu. He also fouls Kise, and Kise gets two free throw shots. Riko states that his copy isn’t perfect yet since he has only used it against players other than Aomine. Kiyoshi adds that the moment he faces Aomine, his copy will be complete.

After Kise scores, Tōō Academy gets the ball, and Aomine immediately scores using his formless shot, shocking everyone. As the crowd roars, Aomine tells a stunned Kise not to drag his feet. He isn’t patient enough to wait until his copy is complete—if Kise takes too long, the game will be over.

As the game continues, Hyuuga notices that Kaijo is betting everything on their ace. However, if they don’t act quickly, it will be too late. On the court, Kasamatsu knows that a 15 point difference is their limit; he tires to score, but he misses. However, Hayakawa gets the rebound and helps Kaijo score. Moriyama also stops Sakurai from scoring. Kise realizes how hard everyone is playing to give him time to complete his technique. He decides it’s time for him to perfect his copy. Simultaneously, Kasamatsu comments that he’s sick of waiting; Kise should crush them now. Facing Aomine, Kise suddenly manages to break past him.

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