What Business Do You Have?
Chapter 225
Chapter 225, Volume 25
Title What Business Do You Have?
Nani ka Yō ka?
Release date August 5, 2013
Anime episode Episode 66
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What Business Do You Have? is the two hundred and twenty fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In August, the Nationals start. When the Generation of Miracles file through the halls, reporters can feel their incredible auras; it’s as if they are a pro team and not a team of middle school students. When Ogiwara sees Kuroko, he steps forward to greet him. However, when he observes his downcast face, he steps back.

In the first game, Teiko’s coach tells everyone not to slack off; Akashi states that they understand, and the Generation of Miracles start playing. After the game, Teiko defeats Hiramine 198-8. Shocked, Momoi thinks that this is the first time they’ve all played together at full strength. Their coach can’t believe that they are unaffected by pressure—it’s as if their overwhelming strength has crushed the pressure completely. Teiko breezes through their first matches.

On the other hand, Meiko is also progressing-a well balanced team with Ogiwara as their ace. Meanwhile, Teiko’s members never collectively play at full strength again. They all score individually to see who can garner the mort points. Although their opponents are frustrated, they are unable to do anything to stop them. Everyone realizes that Teiko’s giants feel that their opponents are not even worth looking at. Simultaneously, Meiko defeats Kyosen 67-66 and advances to the final.

Seeing Meiko’s result, Kuroko insists that he wants to play in Teiko’s semifinal match. Although Kise is surprised, their coach agrees and benches Aomine and Murasakibara. The twins who faced them in last year’s final are here again. They tell Teiko that they will defeat them this time.

As the game progresses, Kuroko uses his signature moves. Although Ogiwara (who is watching the game) is impressed by his technique, he wonders why Kuroko isn’t smiling. Towards the end of the game, Midorima, Kise, and Akashi are also benched because Teiko’s victory is guaranteed. Increasingly frustrated and hurt by their defeat, one of the twins suddenly uses the basketball to strike Kuroko. Everyone is shocked as Kuroko falls to the floor and doesn’t get up.

Later on, Ogiwara goes to see Kuroko at the medical station. Momoi tells him Kuroko hasn’t woken up yet. When Ogiwara is about to leave, Akashi unexpectedly arrives and asks what business Ogiwara has with Tetsuya.

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