What Can They Do Against This?
Chapter 268
Chapter 268
Title What Can They Do Against This?
Dō Surya Ī'nda
Release date July 2, 2014
Anime episode Episode 74
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Don’t Give Up!!

What Can They Do Against This? is the two hundreth and sixty-eight chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


The Rakuzan team has entered the Zone, but Seirin still manages to keep up in points, 92 - 95. On Seirin's bench, Riko gets an uneasy feeling about her team's current situation. Even though they are managing to keep up with Rakuzan, she wonders where this stress is coming from. On the court, Hyuuga notices Mibuchi's increase in speed and improved movements. Akashi is in possession of the ball and passes it successfully to Hayama, who then dribbles and makes the shot. Both Seirin players and the familiar faces in the crowd notice the increased ability of the Rakuzan players due to the Zone.

Imayoshi, being a point guard himself, notes the perfection in Akashi's passes and even calls him a 'monster'. Even though his plays may not seem anything special to most people, it is Akashi's perfect plays which allowed the rest of the Rakuzan players to enter the Zone and bring forth their potential. This is Akashi's second ability, next to the Emperor Eye, which he retained even after his real self reawakened.

Mibuchi pressures Hyuga

Mibuchi pressures Hyūga

On Seirin's bench, Riko notes that the Rakuzan's Zone brings forth 90% of their potential, whereas the normal Zone would usually allow players to play at their 100%. She notes that they are not in the Zone, but they are one step before entering. On the sidelines, Hanamiya tells his teammates that even he pities Seirin in this situation.

Hayama level 5 dribble

Lightning Dribble: Level 5

Hyuuga is in possession of the ball; however, due to Mibuchi's pressure he is unable to shoot. He passes the ball to Izuki, but it is intercepted by Hayama who dribbles to Seirin's basket. Hayama faces Kagami and uses his Lighting Dribble: Level 5 but still can't shake Kagami off. He passes the ball to Akashi, who passes the ball to Mayuzumi who makes an alley-oop with Nebuya and manages to score, despite Kagami's efforts to stop them.

Rakuzan leads by a seven point difference, 96 - 103. Seirin notices that Kagami has finally gotten out of the Zone and that his stamina is drained. With Kagami out of the Zone, there is little chance for Seirin to win. On the sidelines, a mysterious person appears and mutters Kuroko's name.

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