What Is Victory? is the twenty-fifth volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


Teiko’s basketball team quickly proves they are the strongest, and they sweep championship after championship. However, because of the Generation of Miracles’s incredible growth rate, they quickly lose interest in games. Feelings of isolation, arrogance, and superiority set in. Akashi, who is the last one to bloom, allows his other self to take over in order to keep the team together and ensure that Teiko continues to win games. He tells Kuroko victory is everything—teamwork isn’t important at their level. Although Kuroko is unsure and confused about how to handle the situation, he continues onward with them. However, in their third year’s final game, Akashi cruelly tramples on Kuroko and Ogiwara’s friendship by humiliating the other team in the game.


Major story events


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