What is Victory?
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Episode 66
Episode 66
Title What is Victory?
Shōritte Nandesu ka?
Air date April 25, 2015
Manga chapters 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228
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What is Victory? (勝利ってなんですか?, Shōritte Nandesu ka?) is the sixty-sixth episode and the sixteenth episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


What is Victory?

What is victory?

Kuroko gets knocked unconscious in the game before the grand final, in which Teiko is set to play against Kuroko's friend, Shige's team. Kuroko regains consciousness, and since he cannot play in the game, asks Akashi to make Teiko play their best. Teiko, bored by scoring quotas, decide to play a new game. Kuroko gets to the match in time to see the conclusion of the game, with Murasakibara scoring the final goal for the opposite team in order to make the score read "111, 11".

Devastated, Kuroko decides to quit basketball and visits Shige's school, where he finds out Shige has transferred and is going to quit basketball. Shige's friend tells him not to quit basketball, because he thinks Kuroko can melt the Generation of Miracles' icy hearts.

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • The conversation regarding who would get the most points was omitted in the anime.
  • Kuroko ran into an elbow in the anime while in the manga, he was elbowed by one of the twins.
  • The conversation between Akashi and Shigehiro was cut short in the anime.
  • The scouts who scouted the generation of miracles were omitted in the anime.
  • Kuroko passing by Kagami and having a conversation regarding a girl crying was omitted in the anime.
  • Hyuga hit Kagami multiple times in the anime on the head while in the manga it was once.
  • Akashi having two powers was omitted in the anime.
  • The part when Kagetora hitting the players of Seirin were omitted.