Where Did He Go?! is the one hundred and fifty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


An offended Murasakibara tells Kuroko he will get hurt if he’s not careful. As Murasakibara starts pushing him back, he suddenly realizes that Kuroko is so light he can’t tell if he is there or not. Fukui passes the ball to him, but because Murasakibara accidentally loses track of him, he pushes him down when Kuroko moves into his path. Aomine watches as the referee fouls Murasakibara for charging. Kuroko accurately tells an insulted Murasakibara that he can’t win at basketball just by being big.

Afterwards, Seirin discusses strategy, and Kuroko informs everyone that this play won’t work anymore; therefore, he wants to proceed with “that” defensive formation. In the next play, Hyuuga uses Barrier Jumper against Okamura, surprising the latter. Liu thinks that he will miss; consequently, they will be able to get the rebound. Aloud, Hyuuga yells that there is no way he will miss. On Seirin’s bench, Kiyoshi sees everyone struggling valiantly.

Seirin then reveals their new formation, Full Court Man-to-Man Defense. Yosen realizes that this formation will force a battle of speed and stamina. Furthermore, once they see Kuroko intercept a pass to Murasakibara (who is not his mark) and scores using his Phantom Shot, they realize that it is actually a Stealth Court Man-to-Man Defense.

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