Who Are You?!
Chapter 162
Chapter 162, Volume 18
Title Who Are You?!
Anta Dare?
Release date April 16, 2012
Anime episode Episode 49
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You Are Underestimating Me!
The Light of Seirin

Who Are You?! is the one hundred and sixty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Watching the game, silently, Kasamatsu wonders where Kiyoshi is. Kise also thinks that Kagami seems a little off.

Meanwhile on the court, although Fukui asks him to pass, Himuro’s hate drives him forward. However, as he makes the Mirage Shot, Murasakibara and Himuro both realize that Kagami has figured out the trick behind the shot. Himuro claims though that even if Kagami knows, it is meaningless because he can change his shot based on Kagami’s movements.

During the game, Kuroko starts missing with his Phantom Shot. Hyuuga calculates they cannot rely on Kuroko to keep on making them. Murasakibara also scores, bringing the score to Yosen 58-Seirin 41. Noting that Kagami’s plan is not working well, Kuroko, Hyuuga, and Izuki realize they need to do something.

Meanwhile, Aomine talks to Momoi about the Zone. He states it is obvious what Kagami is thinking—he wants to enter the Zone, but at this rate, he will never be able to enter the Zone in a lifetime. Furthermore, it’s always harder to enter the Zone a second time—once one has experienced that feeling, one always wants to be able to succeed easily. However, those are nothing but idle thoughts—in order to enter the Zone, one can’t try to enter it.

At the same time on the court Murasakibara knocks the ball away as Kagami is trying to dunk. The ball rolls out of bounds, and Kagami runs over to get the ball, but Kise has picked it up. Kise asks Kagami why he looks so miserable—he doesn’t know who he is. Dumbfounded, Kagami is about to protest when Kise remarks he doesn’t know any scaredy cats who rely on anything when they have to play basketball. Therefore, he adds, that he’ll probably be playing Murasakibara tomorrow. Murasakibara answers affirmatively, but he tells Kise not to talk to him while he is in the middle of a game. After returning the ball and walking away, Kise concludes that “someone” was scarier during their practice game.

Reflecting on Kise’s words, Kagami wonders when he has ever relied on anything when playing basketball. He suddenly however comprehends his mistake. Kuroko asks him if he is all right. Kagami responds by asking him about the Zone. Kuroko replies that he doesn’t know about the Zone, but it is definitely not something that can be entered so conveniently. Kagami agrees and then slaps himself awake.

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