Who Do You Think
Chapter 65
Chapter 65, Volume 8
Title Who Do You Think
Dareda to Omottensuka
Anime episode Episode 23
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Who Do You Think is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the next play, Kise is remarkably strong enough to stop Aomine’s Formless Shot. Everyone is shocked that he was able to stop Aomine in a one-on-one. Aomine comments that he’s surprised that Kise managed to block it. Kise retorts that he’s the one who lost to Aomine every day; therefore, no one knows Aomine’s moves better than he does. Watching them, Momoi recalls how she used to watch Aomine and Kise play one-on-one. She asked Aomine to go easy on Kise since he’s just a beginner. Aomine replied that he couldn’t afford to do that.

Coach Harasawa asks Momoi if she gave Kise’s data to Aomine. She replies that he refused to accept it. However, she says everything’s fine since the other players have Kaijo’s data. Nevertheless, Kaijo’s other players also prove their strength. Although Tōō Academy knows their techniques, they are unable to stop them. The first quarter ends; Kaijo 18- Tōō Academy 13. Kasamatsu tells Kise he’s doing a good job stopping Aomine. However, Kise softly smiles and replies that if it were only that easy.

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