Yū Tabata (田端優, Tabata Yū) is the point guard of Nakamiya South High.


Tabata has purple hair and ochre eyes. He wears the Nakamiya South uniform with the number 11.


Winter Cup

Round 2

Yuu saves the ball

Yū saves the ball

Tabata is first seen leaving the stadium with his team-mates after watching Seirin versus Too. They discuss their surprise to see Too lose and their confidence to beat Seirin.[1] The match goes extremely well for Tabata's team, who are more motivated than their opponent. In the second quarter, Yū manages to save the ball and passes it to Ōtsuka who nails it.[2] After a time out, Seirin's players return to the court with a slap mark on their faces, which surprises Tabata.

Seirin turns the tide and finally wins at the end at 83-77. His team-mates shake hands with Hyuga and the others as they wish luck for their next matches.


Nakamiya South team heading for the Winter Cup

Nakamiya South team heading for the Winter Cup finals

Tabata is seen heading for the Winter Cup finals with his team-mates.


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