You'll Find Out Soon Enough
Chapter 178
Chapter 178, Volume 20
Title You'll Find Out Soon Enough
Sugu ni Wakaru yo
Release date August 20, 2012
Anime episode Episode 55
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I Don't Know
He Has Not Given Up

You'll Find Out Soon Enough is the one hundred and seventy-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The first match Rakuzan vs. Shutoku takes a 10 minute break. During this interval, Seirin and Kaijo are given the chance to warm-up on the court. As they pass each other, Kise tells Midorima he’s doing well. Midorima replies that Akashi hasn’t used his eye yet—if he does, it will be in the second half.

Simultaneously, Akashi greets Kuroko. Kagami speaks up, telling Akashi he hasn’t forgotten what he did last time. This time, he’ll crush Akashi. Akashi responds coldly that he acknowledges Kagami’s ability; however, only those who serve him are allowed to look at him in the eye. He effortlessly pushes Kagami down, shocking Kagami, and adds that he should know his place. Akashi also tells Kuroko that he should prepare himself—he’s the one that first discovered Kuroko’s power; Kuroko should know what that means.

In the stands, Murasakibara and Himuro are talking. Himuro questions Murasakibara if Akashi’s eyes allow him to discover people’s talents. Murasakibara replies that it’s more than that—Akashi’s eyes have the ability to negate every offensive and defensive technique. This shocks Himuro.

When the game resumes, Akashi and Midorima are facing each other. Takao thinks that this is exactly as Midorima predicted during half time. Watching, Himuro thinks that this face-off’s results will decide the outcome of the match. On the court, Midorima prepares to shoot, but Akashi intercepts him before he can even jump. Himuro is shocked, but Murasakibara explains that Akashi isn’t fast—he just sees everything through the slightest movements of the human body. On the court, Takao yells that he won’t let Akashi pass. Akashi responds that Takao will make way for him. As Takao falls to the floor stunned, Akashi tells him to know his place. Watching the play, Murasakibara concludes that Akashi sees the future of all his opponents’ movements.

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