You'll Get Cold
Chapter 124
Chapter 124, Volume 14
Title You'll Get Cold
Tada Mouichido
Anime episode Episode 40
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It's An Upset!!

You'll Get Cold is the one hundredth and twenty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami tosses a towel on Kuroko, telling him he will catch cold. Kuroko then voices his thoughts—he wants to defeat Aomine, not only because of his promise with Momoi, but also because he wants to see Aomine smile again while playing basketball.

Flashback: Momoi tells Aomine that there is a ghost in one of the gyms who plays basketball at night. Aomine tells her that that is impossible. Plus, he tells her to stop calling him “Aomine-kun”—it’s creeping him out. She replies that he would be embarrassed if she called him “Dai-chan” in public.

Later on, Aomine goes to investigate in the gym. However, instead of finding a ghost, he discovers Tetsuya Kuroko. While they chat, Kuroko explains his entire situation. Aomine suddenly decides to help him train because of his pet theory—anyone who likes basketball can’t be bad. They start practicing together, and Kuroko notices that Aomine has a one track mind when it comes to basketball.

One day, Aomine continues to wait alone in the gym, but Kuroko doesn’t show up for practice. When Kuroko does show up, he is not dressed for practice. Concerned, Aomine asks him what’s wrong, and Kuroko explains about the ranking test that took place today. Shocked, Aomine realizes that he didn’t know about this. Kuroko adds that he loves playing basketball, but it is meaningless since he can’t do anything to help the team. Therefore, he has decided to quit. Upset, Aomine replies that he doesn’t want Kuroko to stop playing because he works so hard at it. He can’t guarantee that Kuroko will achieve something because he doesn’t give up—however, he does know that if Kuroko gives up, nothing will be left.

Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara suddenly enter the gym. Akashi states that they were looking for him, so they could all go home. Aomine introduces them to Kuroko and explains that he has been training with him here. Akashi unexpectedly announces that he is very interested in Kuroko—he may have great hidden potential that could help the team.

Some time later during a game, Aomine is amazed by Kuroko’s passing skills. Bumping fists with Kuroko, he happily tells Kuroko he is glad that they could stand on the same court together.

Presently, Kuroko tells Kagami that he doesn’t want to reject Aomine’s new style or lecture him, but he does want to see Aomine smile again. Kagami replies that there is no guarantee that he will change; people are complex. However, if they don’t win now, then nothing will change. So, for now, they should play hard to win.

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