You'll Lose
Chapter 103
Chapter 103, Volume 12
Title You'll Lose
Anime episode Episode 35
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You'll Lose is the one hundredth and third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The second quarter is over, and there is a ten minute break. The score is 45-40 in favor of Seirin. Remembering Kiyoshi’s words makes Hanamiya sick. He roughly pushes Kuroko out of his way. Kuroko immediately asks him to wait. He asks Hanamiya why he chooses to play like this. Hanamiya turns toward him crying. Clutching his own jersey, Hanamiya dramatically states that if he doesn’t use dirty tricks, it would be impossible for him to defeat teams with the Generation of Miracles. He has to win the Winter Cup no matter what—it’s his dream. His expression suddenly changes shocking Kuroko. He mockingly states there is no way he would ever say something like that. He continues that the misfortune of others tastes like honey; what he did last year to his senpais was a masterpiece. He loves destroying what others have worked so hard for. He tells Kuroko to just wait—Seirin’s suffering hasn’t even begun.

In Seirin’s locker room, Kagami furiously kicks a bench. Riko hits him, telling him not to take his anger out on things. She’s also especially worried about Kiyoshi. When Kagami sits down, Kuroko also tells him he shouldn’t break things. Kagami retorts that he can’t believe Kuroko is so calm—he stops short when he sees Kuroko’s raging aura.

In Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s locker room, Hara points out he’s figured out Kuroko’s trick; he’ll stop him in the next quarter. Furuhashi adds that their “web” is ready too.

Aomine meets Hanamiya in the restroom. Aomine rudely tells Hanamiya that he only played him once or twice, but he’s still playing as dishonestly as ever. Hanamiya retorts that Aomine is as disrespectful as always; besides, what he’s doing is just bait for the real trap. Aomine replies he doesn’t understand what he means, but one thing he is certain of—Hanamiya made Tetsu angry; that’s why he’s going to lose this game. This comment shocks Hanamiya.

In the next play, Kuroko gets the ball. Hara and Yamazaki both try to stop him, but he gets past them using Vanishing Drive. He passes over his shoulder to Kagami, and he dunks it in. When they are running back after the play, Kuroko asks Kagami if it isn’t a bit much to jump over someone. Kagami tells Kuroko he’s the one who passed like that. Yamazaki asks Kuroko suddenly if he waits for his opponents to blink before he does his Vanishing Drive. Kuroko questions him back if he really does do that. Hara realizes then that he was wrong.

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