You're Completely Visible
Chapter 191
Chapter 191, Volume 22
Title You're Completely Visible
Marumieda ze
Release date November 19, 2012
Anime episode Episode 59
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You're Completely Visible is the one hundred and ninety-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kasamatsu discovers the secrets of the Phantom Shot, and he declares that he is going to destroy one of Kuroko's weapons. As Hayakawa misses a shot, Kiyoshi and Kobori fight for the rebound. Kiyoshi then compliments Kobori for winning the rebound against him. With Moriyama's Unorthodox Shot going in, Seirin's bench considers subbing Kuroko. Riko makes a decision to sub Kuroko out, and the others think that Kaijo hasn't found a way to deal with him yet. As Mitobe now prepares to join the game, Izuki notices that Kasamatsu is marking him farther than usual. They think that they are making him shoot on purpose, and then he would just pass instead of shoot.

Kasamatsu blocks the Phantom Shot

Kasamatsu blocks Kuroko's shot

With Kagami being double-teamed, Izuki can't pass it to him and instead gives it to Kuroko. As Kuroko is about to shoot, Kasamatsu immediately arrives in front of him. Much to everyone's surprise, Kasamatsu does a back step before jumping. Himuro then realizes the secret behind the Phantom Shot. The backstep Kasamatsu did was to ensure he had a proper vision of Kuroko's shot. Normally, a person guarding would go forward to block the shot because Kuroko places the ball in a relatively close distance to himself, making the ball go over the other person's head and out of one's vision which creates an illusion of a vanishing ball. On the court, Kasamatsu blocks Kuroko much to everyone's shock. Thus, with its secrets revealed, the invisible shot made by Kuroko is finally stopped.

Kuroko is then subbed out, and he apologizes for disrupting the flow of the game. Everyone is which surprised to see that he is less demoralized than they expected. Kuroko states that Seirin hasn't lost yet because they have a reliable ace, Kagami. Kagami forcefully passes his double team even under a lot pressure and dunks the ball right in, stunning everyone.

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