You Are Underestimating Me!
Chapter 161
Chapter 161, Volume 18
Title You Are Underestimating Me!
Release date April 9, 2012
Anime episode Episode 49
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You Are Underestimating Me! is the one hundred and sixty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The fourth quarter begins with the score at 47-43 in Yosen’s favor. On Seirin’s bench, Koganei asks Kiyoshi if he is serious. Kiyoshi replies that playing for even one minute will be more than enough. Tsuchida states it’s too reckless, but Riko says that it’s pointless to convince Kiyoshi otherwise. She leaves Koganei and Tsuchida in charge and leaves with Kiyoshi.

Yosen is shocked when they see that Seirin is running the same defensive formation whereas Murasakibara is especially annoyed. Fukui realizes that it will be easier to pass now since their center is Murasakibara. Murasakibara angrily tell Kagami not to get conceited and scores against him.

In the next play Kuroko shoots his Phantom Shot, but Aomine notes that Kuroko's shooting ability is actually improving. Afterwards, Okamura notes that Seirin is still using the Stealth Full Court Man-to-Man Defense. He passes to Himuro, and Hyuuga watches surprised as all of Yosen falls back. Himuro then takes the ball down the court. Although he quickly gets past Kagami, Murasakibara calls out to him to stop before Kuroko can steal the ball. Then Himuro gets ready to face Kagami. Himuro thinks that what Kagami is doing is not courage, but recklessness, underestimating Yosen’s power. Frustrated, Kagami desperately thinks that if he could just enter the Zone like he did against Aomine everything would be all right. Watching him, Aomine wonders what “that idiot” is thinking.

Simultaneously, Kise along with the other Kaijo members, arrives at the game. Looking at the score, he remarks that Seirin is barely hanging on. He then wonders who they will be playing next. Kasamatsu informs him that they haven’t played their next game yet—if Kise let’s his guard down, he is going to hit him.

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