You Can't Compete With A Switchable Blade
Chapter 149
Chapter 149, Volume 17
Title You Can't Compete With A Switchable Blade
Tsukeyakibaja Hareneeyo
Release date January 16, 2012
Anime episode Episode 46
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You Can't Compete With A Switchable Blade is the one hundred and forty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The rest of the Yosen team is surprised by Kuroko's phantom shot, and the spectators are amazed that Yosen lost their first point in the tournament. Murasakibara admits that he never expected that he'll lose a point to Kuroko. Then the latter calmly warns him for the upcoming battle. Momoi is amazed that Aomine's training came to fruition, but he admits that he just simply told Kuroko to shoot outside of the textbook.

Flashback: Kuroko is still training with Aomine. Kuroko misses again, and Aomine is downcast that Kuroko's shooting skills are so poor even though the distance between him and the hoop is so less. Kuroko asks Aomine to show him how he shoots which he demonstrates by easily shooting the ball to the hoop. However, Kuroko is confused by his demonstration and asks for a concrete explanation instead. Aomine tells him that he had to feel the distance of his fingers like the way he passes, but Kuroko tells him that shooting and passing are completely different because he passes the ball by pushing it. Aomine suddenly gets an idea and tells Kuroko to shoot the ball by pushing it as well. Kuroko replies that he feels that the form will be messed up, but Aomine encourages him that, regardless of form, it is important that he can score.

Presently, Aomine tells Momoi that Kuroko finally removed the side effects of his Misdirection, and he just helped Kuroko to change his form in order for Kuroko to develop his Phantom Shot. The match resumes, and Yosen is on offense. Okamura marks Kagami at the inside of the hoop, and he scores with ease against him, taunting the latter that he didn't notice Kagami because he was light, irritating Kagami. Mitobe realizes this and tells Koganei about it; then he passes it to Riko who was been told that Kagami isn't making progress. On the court, Kuroko passes Fukui with his Phantom Drive and then uses the Phantom Shot again. Murasakibara and Liu go for the block, but Kuroko fools them and passes the ball to Hyuuga who scores a three pointer, showing that they had finally created their attack pattern. Okamura is marking Kagami again from the inside and easily scores again. Kiyoshi advises Kagami with his usual patting, telling a frustrated Kagami to lower his hips. The latter is irritated by Kiyoshi's usual patting; then he realizes he has been advised that he should be careful as well. Okamura marks Kagami, but this time following Kiyoshi's advice, he lowers his hips and stops Okamura on his track. Nevertheless, Okamura persists in scoring, but he is blocked again by Kagami.

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