You Have Teammates, You Know
Chapter 187
Chapter 187, Volume 21
Title You Have Teammates, You Know
Japanese 仲間がいるでしょーが
Romanized Chīmumeito ga Irudeshō ga
Release date October 22, 2012
Anime episode Episode 58
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You Have Teammates, You Know is the one hundred and eighty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On the court, Furihata passes the ball to Kagami. He is about to recklessly challenge Kise when a shaking Furihata asks him to stop, telling him to calm down. Annoyed at first, Kagami then reasonably passes the ball. Kise asks him if he is not coming, and Kagami replies that they are resetting things for now.

Kaijo, Murasakibara, and Himuro realize that Seirin’s entire mood has changed—Seirin is slower, and they are coordinating passes in their plays. Kasamatsu and Coach Takeuchi realize that Furihata’s caution is strong enough to change the game’s pace. Furihata also recalls what Riko told him—take things slowly, and rely on your teammates to get things to the finish line. Furihata then manages to help Hyuuga score. Then he passes to Kuroko who passes to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi tries to shoot, but since he can’t, he passes out to Hyuuga who scores a three.

In the next play, Hyuuga stopped dribbling too early, so Furihata calls out to him and helps keep the ball moving. Himuro and Kasamatsu both note that Furihata is not flashy, but he focuses valiantly on supporting his team. Hyuuga and Kiyoshi then tell an elated Furihata that he did well.

Flashback: The Seirin first years are freshening up and discussing their tough practice and how incredibly strong their senpais are. Kawahara, however, softly voices that he has been thinking about quitting. At this point, Kuroko and Kagami exit the gym and quietly hear their conversation from afar. Although the other two try to dissuade him, he replies that he knows that he will never be as good as his senpais or even Kuroko and Kagami. Furihata admits that he has also wanted to quit. However, when he sees Kuroko trying so hard, he feels that maybe there is something that even he can do. Nevertheless, he wants to continue to play basketball with everyone.

Presently, Kagami passes forward to Hyuuga. As Hyuuga is running to catch it, he realizes shocked that Kaijo is quickly catching up. Unexpectedly, Kuroko cuts in and passes the ball back to Furihata. Furihata does a lay-up and scores; he then happily shares “high fives” with Kuroko and Kagami. The score is now 15-7 in Kaijo’s favor.

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