You Won't Reach
Chapter 182
Chapter 182, Volume 21
Title You Won't Reach
Release date September 17, 2012
Anime episode Episode 56
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You Won't Reach is the one hundred and eighty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Akashi tells Midorima that they won’t be scoring anymore. Stunned by his words, Midorima responds that it’s impossible for him to completely stop them from scoring. Akashi agrees that height is a critical factor in shooting; nevertheless, he is absolute—since he can see the future, it is but a simple matter to change it. As Seirin watches the game, they conclude that Midorima’s next shot will decide Shutoku’s fate.

In the next play, Rakuzan double teams Takao; determined, Takao gets past them, proving how hard he has trained to be Midorima’s partner. Furthermore, Midorima is already in position to receive his shot. The second Takao passes the ball, though, Akashi intercepts the pass and helps Rakuzan quickly score. The score is Rakuzan 75, Shutoku 62. Akashi declares to both astounded Takao and Midorima that he is absolute; moreover, he explains the two fatal flaws in their technique.

After hearing Akashi’s explanation, Takao is flabbergasted. Midorima responds that he didn’t realize they had already fallen into Akashi’s trap. Akashi replies that he always told Midorima one important fact—a strategic move only works when one plans ahead and the opponent is unaware of it.

Extremely frustrated, Takao can’t believe everything had been happening according to Akashi’s plan. In the next play, he accidentally fouls Mibuchi while he is shooting. Although Rakuzan scores, Shutoku keeps fighting until the end. Akashi gets the ball in the final seconds. He faces Midorima, causing him to fall to the floor. Akashi acknowledges Shutoku’s strength and applauds them for not giving up. However, this is his victory. Enraged, Midorima screams Akashi’s name as he tries to block Akashi. Akashi responds that his hand will not reach as he sinks the final basket. Finally, Akashi announces that the era of the King of the East is over. Rakuzan wins 86-70.

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