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Your Basketball
Chapter 11
Chapter 11, Your Basketball
Title Your Basketball
Omae no Basuke
Release date March 2, 2009
Anime episode Episode 5
Chapter guide
Man Proposes, God Disposes
Bring It Back

Your Basketball is the eleventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise and Kuroko talk

Kise and Kuroko talk

Kagami eats too much of the Steak Bomber. As the Seirin team leaves the restaurant, Kuroko is missing this time. Kuroko, who is only with Kise, accompanies him to a nearby park. Kise tells Kuroko that Midorima shows up after their practice match. Then Kise asks Kuroko why he disappeared on their final tournament at middle school.

Seirin is looking for Kuroko, but Kagami notices them at the side of the streetball court. Kuroko replies that he doesn't know, but he hated basketball that time beacause of Teikō's way of basketball. Nevertheless, when he met Kagami, he started to love basketball again because Kagami loved basketball from the bottom of his heart.

Kagami shows up

Kagami shows up

As Kagami is eavesdropping, Kise states that Kagami's strength is still developing and the time will come when he reaches the same level as the Generation of Miracles. It is not guaranteed that he will still be the same. Kagami shows up and hits Kuroko with his palm on his back. Kagami asks Kise why did he take Kuroko without telling anyone. Kise replies it's just for a while. Kuroko hears a noise coming from the streetball. There are 5 guys that show up taking the place of 3 people who are still playing. Due to this dispute, they decide to settle it with basketball. So the 5 guys played against them unfairly. One of the 3 guys complains it's unfair and suddenly one of the 5 guys kicks him. Kuroko rushes to their aid and faces the rude boy. 

Kuroko interferes

Kuroko interferes

Kuroko spins the ball with his pointer hand and hits the kicker in his nose with the ball. After noticing that Kuroko is missing, Kagami and Kise discover him interfering with the bigger boys; moreover, they are shocked by his audacious behavior. One big guy grabs Kuroko's jacket for interfering with them and decides to settle with basketball. Kise and Kagami decide to join in the fight for a 3-on-5. The 5 guys are totally crushed by their skills.

Later, Kagami scolds Kuroko for his reckless actions. Kise says it's time for him to leave, stating he was happy after playing with Kuroko once again. Kise begins to call Kagami Kagamicchi, and Kagami is annoyed because of his new nickname. As they get back, Riko wrestles Kuroko for wandering off.

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