Yukinori Matsumoto
Yukinori Matsumoto anime
Name Yukinori Matsumoto
Kanji 松本 郁憲
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 52
Height 177 cm (5' 10")
Weight 66 kg (146 lbs)
Birthday October 13th, Libra
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Seihō
Job Coach
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 22
Anime Episode 9
Vomic None
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Yukinori Matsumoto (松本 郁憲 Matsumoto Yukinori) is Seihō High School's coach.


Matsumoto has a face like a monkey, with a large upper-lip, prominent cheekbones and high forehead. He has big ears and a big nose. His hair is short and black.

He wears a white shirt and formal black pants.


Matsumoto behaves like an old, wise man. He views young people ignorant and shouldn't be overconfident. He can motivate his team well. When he sits at the sides during games, he sits legged next to the bench.


Interhigh preliminaries


He first appears in Seihō's match against Seirin High. When Seirin tied with Seihō, Matsumoto told his men to keep their guard up. He tells them that the match is just beginning and that everything can happen. He concludes by saying that they shouldn't give them any opening.[1]

The next time he is seen, is when Seirin shows that they have studied Seihō and when they start reading all their moves. Matsumoto sees the gravity of the situation and thinks by himself that it's the first time that a team has studied them so much.[2] Seihō was eventually defeated and Matsumoto hasn't been seen since.


  • According to KUROFES:
    • His motto: ”Slow and steady wins the race”
    • Favorite food: Banana
    • Hobby: Bonsai
    • Specialty: Belly Dancing


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